Linda Kirby, Ph.D., Educational Consultant

Linda Kirby received her B.A. from James Madison University, with a major in Political Science and a minor in Education.  After working as a fourth grade teacher, she returned to the academic classroom obtaining a M.Ed. in Reading Education from the University of Virginia.  It was while studying at the University that she developed an interest in the brain sciences, specifically as related to learning disabilities and reading development.

Linda continued her educational studies with a degree in Elementary Education from the California National Open University where she based her dissertation on a community-oriented school she had founded. It was during this period that she met Kit Hays and employed her as a writing teacher.  Dr. Kirby’s doctoral dissertation was entitled “The Whole Community School: An Experiment in Community-Oriented Elementary Education”.  Her most recent academic degree was a Ph.D. from George Mason University, where she majored in Neuropedagogy (her construct) and minored in Biological Psychology.  Her dissertation was entitled “The Impact of a Brain Research Course on Knowledge of the Brain and Teacher Efficacy”.

In 1982, after moving with her husband and three children to West Virginia, she reconnected with Kit Hays at the Rainbow School, first working as a teacher and then as a consultant there.  Linda has attended and presented at many conferences and workshops over the years.  She has also conducted sessions on brain science as part of parent education at the Rainbow Montessori School.  All three of her children are Rainbow School graduates.

In 1986 Linda began working as a teacher and supervisor in the undergraduate education program at nearby Shepherd University.  In 2002 she began working with Dr. Barbara Given at Krasnow Institute for Advanced Studies and studying neuroscience at George Mason University  She has now returned to Shepherd University where she is currently teaching courses in Neuropedagogy in their Division of Graduate Studies.