Kit Hays, Directress and Administrator

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKit Hays is the Directress and Administrator of the Rainbow Montessori School.  She received her degree in business from Smithdell Massey Business College in Richmond, Virginia.  After working several years in the business world, she was able to begin her life-long dream of working in education when Linda Kirby hired her as the writing teacher for The Whole Community School, McLean, Virginia in 1976.

Upon moving to West Virginia, Kit began working with young children in a small pre-school in Charles Town which she purchased two years later.  After a three-year self-directed internship which involved the transformation of the existing pre-school into a Montessori Children’s House, she received her Montessori certification in1986 through the Center for Montessori Teacher Education.

Kit remains passionately committed to the education of children, especially those in her care.  For the past 27 years, she has continued to build the classroom through enlarging the range and depth of materials, brainstorming and selecting ideas from her staff and relying upon the dedication of her parents.

While continuing to be inspired by Dr. Maria Montessori and her work, Kit has embraced the new study of brain-science and learning , and has broadened her understanding of optimizing learning under the direction of Dr. Linda Kirby.  This research from the brain-sciences confirms the original genius of Dr. Montessori’s insights with regard to how children learn and how to best provide for that learning.