May 2017 Newsletter

MAY 2017 NEWSLETTER ************************************************************************ OUR END-YEAR AND GRADUATION PARTY will be on Friday, June 2, beginning at 11:00 am, so please try to arrive by 10:45.  There is no school beforehand on that day.  We… Read More

April 2017 Newsletter

APRIL 2017 NEWSLETTER **************************************************************************** TIME TO SPRING INTO ACTION:  Our silent auction is much closer now and we need your help! **************************************************************************** A spread sheet re past business donations is up and available for parents… Read More

February-March 2017 Newsletter

FEBRUARY – MARCH 2017  NEWSLETTER ***************************************************************************** FUND RAISER:  We recently had a productive and inspiring meeting regarding our silent auction.  We are still working on the when and where aspect of the fund raiser and… Read More

January 2017 Newsletter

JANUARY 2017 NEWSLETTER **************************************************************************** THANK YOU SO MUCH DEAR RAINBOW PARENTS for your consideration and accommodation with regard to the sudden passing of my sister, Diane. I deeply appreciate your help. ***************************************************************************** OUR LAST NEWSLETTER… Read More

November/December 2016 Newsletter

NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2016 NEWSLETTER ****************************************************************************** EARLY REMINDER OUR CHRISTMAS PROGRAM AND PARTY will be held in the Parish Hall on FRIDAY, December 16th, at 11:00 a.m. (Please take note of the date as we are not… Read More

September / October 2016 Newsletter

SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2016 NEWSLETTER ****************************************************************************** WE ARE HAPPY TO BE BACK IN SCHOOL! There are 14 returning children and six new children, three in the morning session and three in the afternoon. The classroom is normalizing… Read More

March 2016 Newsletter

MARCH 2016                                                                                           NEWSLETTER ****************************************************************************** A BIG CHANGE HAS OCCURRED:  Isis has had to resign her teaching position with us.  Her husband has been offered a job which he cannot refuse and which necessitates Isis staying… Read More


JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2016                                                                            NEWSLETTER ****************************************************************************** THE BLIZZARD OF 2016 WAS A WHOPPER!! One of the top five storms to hit the east coast!  Thankfully, no one I have spoken to lost power.  We just had to… Read More

January 2015 Newsletter

FROM CASTLES TO CATHEDRALS: The Middle Ages have come alive in the classroom as we have tried to cover some of the distinctive features of this 1,000 year period, spanning the Ancient and Modern Worlds,… Read More

February/March 2014 Newsletter

EARTH, AIR, WATER, AND FIRE are the classical elements which were considered to have made up everything in the world.  This theory was suggested by the ancient Greeks around 450 B.C.  The idea that these… Read More