The Rainbow Montessori School was founded in 1982 as a Children’s House for children aged three to six.  Our goal is to provide children with a warm, supportive environment where they will feel secure and appreciated, and thereby free to develop their individual strengths and abilities.  We utilize traditional classroom techniques along with Montessori-based materials and methodology.

The Rainbow Montessori School is a small Montessori school, accepting no more than 23 children each year, conducting morning and afternoon sessions. With a minimum of two adults in the classroom at all times, we provide a teacher-student ratio of 1:7, smaller than one would find in many Montessori schools.  Children are generally enrolled for two to three years.  This extended participation engenders individualized on-going observation of each child, promoting positive interactions and, quite often, one-on-one instruction.  We value the personal, respectful and dynamic relationship we establish with each child and believe that this is in fact the cornerstone of our educational process.